Just east of Rockville’s Town Square, nestled in an industrial park lies the unassuming Baying Hound Aleworks. Founded by Paul Rinehart in 2010, this nano-brewery produces small batch beers on a weekly basis with three flagship beers. These beers include the Lord Wimsey Mild Pale Ale and Hopshot IPA, as well as the seasonal varieties: Long Snout Stout, “Rockville” Kolsch Style Ale, and Sarvara Black India Pale Ale.

When the Beer Heads went to visit, the taps were of a different variety. As we arrived, the owner, Paul was being interview by Ale Street News so I snapped a few photos and headed inside. We each paid $5 for a very brief tour given by one of the brewers and then proceeded to the tasting.

Our first beer was the Pepper Saison (7.1% ABV) which had some nice spice and fruity notes to it. Second taste was the slightly smoky S’mores Stout (9.3% ABV) with hints of roasted marshmallow and chocolate. Next was my personal favorite, the Fumida smoked Rye (6.4% ABV) which only got better as it warmed up. And finally, we finished our tasting with the Sif’s Harvest Barleywine (9.3% ABV) which had a strange viscosity to it but was overall enjoyable.

Overall, we had a great visit and met some people that are clearly passionate about their craft. The place needs some organizing and maybe a rug to tie the room together, but we are definitely looking forward to a return trip in the future and thank Baying Hound Aleworks for accommodating our fairly large group that day!

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